Why You Should Avail Our Reliable Rodent Control Service

Is there a pesky rodent scurrying throughout your home or building in Pinson, AL? Are you thinking of removing such pest by yourself? If you are annoyed by the presence of rodents at home, let us at Mike's Pest Control remove them for you. Here are some of the benefits you can get for availing our rodent control service:

  • Cost-Effective Service – Removing a single rat or mouse on your property may not take much time. A hidden swarm of them though can be time-consuming to deal with. You may try to place more traps and baits. Doing so may not be effective if you need them removed right away. We can remove all sorts of rodents with proven pest solutions. Thus, let us take care of your rodent problems while you focus on your other tasks
  • Licensed Exterminators – Our pest control company carries an HPC license and certificates to work in the area. These things are proof of our professional service quality. We always perform our pest control services within industry and local regulations. Doing so ensures proper and safe rodent and other pest removal.
  • Professional-Grade Products – Besides expert methods, we also use top-quality rodent removal products. You can expect us to use proven traps and other items for the task. These let us catch and remove rodents in an effective manner. We also find new methods and items that let us provide better rodent removal service.
  • Service Safety – It is important that we conduct rodent removal with safety in mind. We make comprehensive plans to remove rodents within a small area. Once removed, we then seal all holes and other entry points to prevent future rodent problems. Also, we have the bonds and insurance to cover any service accidents made by us.

For reliable rodent control service in Pinson, AL, look no further than us at Mike's Pest Control. We are also capable of exterminating roaches, termites, and other pest insects. You can contact us today at (205) 983-1235 for rodent control schedules and further inquiries.


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