The Professional Pest Control Company You Can Trust

Do you have annoying rodents, roaches, and other pests invading your home or office in Pinson, AL? Are you looking for an exterminator to deal with them for good? If so, you should turn to us at Mike's Pest Control for effective pest removal service. Keep reading to know the reasons why we are the pest control company you need:

  •  Professional Experience

We have established our company in the area since 2004. Throughout our service, we have exterminated various pests in many residences and businesses. Such work has let us form effective solutions in removing different kinds of pests. Even today, we form new methods using the latest industry innovations. Thus, you can count on our professional experience for effective pest control service.

  •  Certified, Bonded, and Insured

We are a company that carries an HPC license in the area. This is because we follow industry and city regulations in removing pests. We also have the certifications that further back our expert extermination service. When you avail our pest control service, we offer insurance and bond coverage. These two things let us foot the bill in case of service accidents caused by us.

  •  Top-Grade Equipment

You can also expect us to bring professional-grade equipment and tools for the task. We use proven traps, chemicals, and other products for reliable pest control. Also, we update our tools and items to remove pests in a faster and more efficient manner.

  •  Work Safety

Removing pests can be dangerous, especially when using chemicals. This is why we value safety whenever we perform pest control. Expect us to store chemicals at sealed containers when not used. We also create boundaries and wear protective suits if needed. Doing these and other precautions can ensure accident-free pest control work.

 Mike's Pest Control is the professional pest control company you can trust to remove pest rodents and bugs in Pinson, AL. You can hire us to remove rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, and more. We also offer our services with a money-back guarantee. Call us today at (205) 983-1235 for pest control service schedules and inquiries.


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