Avail Our Dependable Bug Control Service to Remove Pesky Insects!

Do you have a termite infestation plaguing your home or office in Pinson, AL? Or, is your property swarmed with countless ants? If so, don’t hesitate to hire us at Mike's Pest Control for reliable bug control service. We have done so for various residences and businesses since 2004. Listed below are some of the pest insects we can remove:


  • Ant Control – Removing ants can be easy or hard, depending on the ant species you are facing. Sugar and pavement arts crave for food. Regular cleaning and proper food storage can deter such ants. Though when you encounter carpenter and moisture ants, you should let us remove them for you. We do so using proven products and methods for effective ant removal.

  • Cockroach Control – Do you have annoying cockroaches in your kitchen, especially flying ones? Then, let us exterminate them for you. We have a reliable method in removing roaches 100% of the time. You can also expect us to inspect every crevice and corner of your area. This is so we can remove hidden roaches before they breed new ones.

  • Spider Control – You can also hire us to remove small or large spiders. We first make comprehensive plans in removing such insects. This involves inspecting your area for possible entry points. Once done, we then proceed to use effective tools and methods. After removing the spiders, we then perform preventive measures. This includes sealing holes and cracks to prevent future spider encounters.

  • Termite Control – We also have the proper skills and tools to remove termites. You can expect us to perform thorough inspections to assess the size of the termite swarm. We then use powerful insecticides, baits, and other products to ensure reliable extermination.


You can depend on us at Mike's Pest Control for excellent bug control service in Pinson, AL. Besides bugs, we also provide effective rodent control work. For bug control and other pest removal schedules, call us now at (205) 983-1235.


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